Learn about activities webhooks.

There are two types of activity webhook events:

  • Events that trigger only during the initial scan when a new account is connected: activities.fully_synced and activities.partially_synced. They trigger once per invocation for each added account.

  • Events that trigger later on, when new activities are added or removed in the future: activities.added, activities.updated, and activities.removed. These only trigger on a periodic scan for accounts that are already connected and have been fully synced, and only after the activities.fully_synced event is triggered.

A typical account can contain thousands of activities and activities.fully_synced only fires after all of the activities are scanned, which in some cases might take hours.

Use activities.partially_synced if you only need a partial range of the activities. For example, you need a history of the last 30 days instead of a complete history of activities. This reduces the sync time to minutes or, in some cases, seconds.