OCR completed

Implement the documents.ocr_completed webhook to know when OCR is completed for scanned documents.

The documents.ocr_completed webhook notifies your system when data retrieval through OCR is completed for a document scanned by Argyle from a connected account.

Use this webhook to get updates when OCR is completed for documents that are initially scanned from a newly connected account, or when OCR is completed for documents that are added or updated through periodic scanning.




accountstring uuidID of the account for which OCR was completed on a document.
userstring uuidID of the user the account belongs to.
documentstring uuidID of the document for which OCR was completed.


curl -X POST https://api.argyle.com/v1/webhooks \
  -u api_key_id:api_key_secret \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"events": ["documents.ocr_completed"],
       "secret": "<secret for signature verification>",
         "name": "OCR is completed",
          "url": "https://webhook.site/url"}'
    "event": "documents.ocr_completed",
    "name": "OCR is completed",
    "data": {
        "account": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
        "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
        "document": "4334r6e-a964-45eef6-b201-64464"


The payload provided by this webhook does not include the actual meta-data contents of the document. You can request this through the documents endpoint, by calling GET /documents/:document with the document ID received in the documents.ocr_completed webhook. For more information, refer to the OCR Data fields page.