Fully synced

Implement the activities.fully_synced webhook to know when all activities have been scanned.

The activities.fully_synced webhook triggers when all activities are fully scanned. Scanning starts from the most recent activities and finishes with the oldest ones.

This webhook only triggers when the initial scan finishes. It is not invoked during periodic scanning.




accountstring uuidID of the account the activities were scanned from.
userstring uuidID of the user associated with the account.
available_fromstring timestampThe date of the oldest available activity. The available_from timestamp will precede the available_to timestamp.
available_tostring timestampThe date of the most recent available activity.
available_countintegerThe total number of activities associated with the account at the moment the webhook call is made.


curl -X POST https://api.argyle.com/v1/webhooks \
  -u api_key_id:api_key_secret \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"events": ["activities.fully_synced"],
       "secret": "<secret for signature verification>",
         "name": "activities.fully_synced",
          "url": "https://webhook.site/url"}'
    "event": "activities.fully_synced",
    "name": "All historical data synced",
    "data": {
        "account": "12db5af4-fd5f-4d1f-bd98-0360df770aa8",
        "user": "abdb5af4-fd5f-4d1f-bd10-0360df77012c",
        "available_from": "2019-03-07T20:12:09Z",
        "available_to": "2019-09-23T23:57:31Z",
        "available_count": 432