Implement the accounts.updated webhook to know when account data changes.

accounts.updated is triggered when there is any change in data associated with the account. Any new data, status, or timestamp update associated with the account object will trigger this webhook.

accounts.updated fires at the same time as accounts.failed and accounts.connected, since both of these webhooks are associated with a status change in the account object.


When a payroll account is connected for the first time, updates can be frequent because the account is constantly updated during the initial scan. There are fewer updates once the initial scan finishes. From that point on, updates are only triggered by periodic scans that occur every few hours.




include_resourceboolean optionalIf set to true in the webhook subscription configuration, the webhook payload returns the full account object as resource. Defaults to false.


accountstring uuidID of the updated account.
userstring uuidID of the user associated with the account.
resourceobjectThe full account object is returned if the webhook subscription contains "include_resource": true in the configuration.


curl -X POST https://api.argyle.com/v1/webhooks \
  -u api_key_id:api_key_secret \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"events": ["accounts.updated"],
       "secret": "<secret for signature verification>",
         "name": "accounts.updated",
       "config": { "include_resource": true },
          "url": "https://webhook.site/url"}'
    "event": "accounts.updated",
    "name": "An account was updated",
    "data": {
        "account": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
        "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
        "resource": {
            "id": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
            "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
            "employers": [