Pay Distribution update failed

Implement the accounts.pay_distribution_failed webhook to know when a pay distribution update fails.

accounts.pay_distribution_failed is triggered when a direct deposit flow could not be completed and the update is not successful.


A payroll account can allocate a paycheck to multiple accounts. Pay distribution webhooks will fire if any changes are made to any of these paycheck allocations. To monitor if a pay allocation to an individual account changes, set up webhooks for pay allocations, using these pages:




include_resourceboolean optionalIf set to true in the webhook subscription configuration, the webhook payload returns the full account object as resource. Defaults to false.


accountstring uuidID of the account where the direct deposit update failed.
userstring uuidID of the user associated with the account.
error_codestringError code that defines the reason the direct deposit update failed.
error_messagestringA longer text string associated with an error_code that explains why the error occurred.
resourceobjectThe full account object is returned if the webhook subscription contains "include_resource": true in the configuration.


curl -X POST \
  -u api_key_id:api_key_secret \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"events": ["accounts.pay_distribution_failed"],
       "secret": "<secret for signature verification>",
         "name": "accounts.pay_distribution_failed",
       "config": { "include_resource": true },
          "url": ""}'
    "event": "accounts.pay_distribution_failed",
    "name": "A pay distribution failed to update",
    "data": {
        "account": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
        "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
        "error_code": "invalid_mfa",
        "error_message": "This user did not provide the correct multi-factor authentication response."
    "resource": {
            "id": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
            "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
            "employers": [