Implement the accounts.added webhook to know when a user connects via Argyle Link.

accounts.added is triggered the moment a user initiates a new connection via Argyle Link by submitting their login credentials.

After an account is created, either the accounts.connected or the accounts.failed event is triggered.

accounts.connected signifies that an account was successfully authenticated with the correct credentials and a new account object was created.

accounts.failed indicates that authentication failed when linking the account and that it was created with a failed authentication state.




include_resource boolean optional

If set to true in the webhook subscription configuration, the webhook payload returns the full account object as resource. Defaults to false.


account string uuid

ID of the added account.

user string uuid

ID of the user associated with the account.

resource object

The full account object is returned if the webhook subscription contains "include_resource": true in the configuration.


curl -X POST \
  -u api_key_id:api_key_secret \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"events": ["accounts.added"],
       "secret": "<secret for signature verification>",
         "name": "accounts.added",
       "config": { "include_resource": true },
          "url": ""}'
  "event": "accounts.added",
  "name": "An account was created",
  "data": {
    "account": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
    "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
    "resource": {
      "id": "ada143be-3c90-4534-b7ea-9899674dc6e0",
      "user": "3823026e-a964-45f6-b201-6b8c096b30d3",
      "employers": [