Quick Start

Dive deep into Argyle's documentation through this Quick Start page and find the right content to support your business case or implementation needs.

Learn more about Argyle's industry-specific use cases through the Solutions page. Scoping guides help you determine how you want to use Argyle and how you can present the Argyle experience to your users. Implementation quickstart guides get you up and running from the first configuration steps to going live with your solution.

Get first-hand experience with Link, Argyle's employment data UI element, in the Console. Explore the possibilities for customizing your Link implementation to suit your business needs and provide a seamless transition for users moving between your website or application and Argyle. See how Argyle's data solutions can power your implementation in Console's sandbox environment by providing continuous access to real-time income data.

Explore the API reference to find all the technical details you need for your implementation. Create an API key in Console and test each endpoint to see how Argyle's API can support your integration with data to perform Pay Distribution for deposit switching or loan repayment. Learn how Webhooks can enable you to stay up to date with any new user data added, updated, or deleted in real-time. You can also browse Argyle's Pre-builds, a set of sample tools that make implementation quicker and easier.

For more information, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive or [email protected].

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