Browse Argyle integrations that get you up and running quickly.

To support customers that don’t have the in-house engineering resources to integrate Argyle code into their product, the Argyle team developed a set of tools that make implementation easier than ever: pre-builds.

Pre-builds make it easy for Argyle customers to retrieve, verify, control, and put to practical use the employment data Argyle provides access to. They can be deployed as-is or customized to suit the specific needs of your app or platform. Either way, practically all the work is done for you, so your team can focus on programming and refining your product, not ours.

If you have any questions about the pre-builds, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, or the Support team.

Select a pre-build to learn more and choose a solution for your business needs:

  • FinanceNow - a banking application powered by an integration with Argyle, Unit, and Stytch.
  • Employer Search - a tool for standardizing your data and streamlining your underwriting process.
  • Unit Pay Connector - a tool for reconciling payments from multiple payroll platforms and attributing them to the correct borrowers when you are utilizing Argyle for paycheck-linked lending.
  • PaycheckNow - an earned wage access solution powered by Argyle.

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