OCR by Argyle

Convert W-2s and 1099s into machine-readable text to improve automation and save your team’s time and energy.

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts uploaded or scanned W-2 and 1099 documents into machine-readable text, making them easier to review and unlocking auto-fill capabilities. This can accelerate your time to decide by bundling everything you need to move forward with Argyle, vs. needing to work with multiple vendors.

With webhooks, Argyle can notify you instantly whenever your user or their employer uploads a W-2 or 1099 on an ongoing basis, enabling you to make decisions based on the latest information available at all times.

This solution enables you to get data from W-2 and 1099 documents in two different scenarios:

  • When they are manually uploaded by your users during document upload.
  • When they are initially scanned by Argyle from a newly connected account, or when documents are added or updated through periodic scanning.


Argyle's built-in OCR service for scanned documents is enabled by default and is part of the core API services.

To enable OCR for uploaded documents, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, or [email protected].

View OCR results

To see data retrieved through OCR processing, you can either list documents and list forms through the API, or check the Documents tab for a specific user within Console, where an OCR icon next to the uploaded or scanned documents indicates the completion of the OCR process.

You can also use Console to test Argyle's OCR solution. Enable Document upload using Link customizer and use Link to view OCR results for:

  • Argyle's sample PDFs that are provided in the Supported document types reference
  • Your own W-2s and 1099s in PDF format

Developer Tools

Use these reference pages to learn more about the API endpoints, webhooks, and form types used in the OCR for Documents solution:


Does this solution cover paystubs?Paystubs are not currently supported.
What file types can documents be uploaded in?Currently, only PDF files are supported.
How accurate is the output of OCR?OCR for Documents can achieve 97% accuracy.
How long does it take for OCR to process documents?15 to 20 seconds per document.

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