Loan App

An end-to-end demonstration of Argyle’s solutions for loan origination and servicing.

Loan App takes you through a loan application from an applicant’s perspective, streamlined by Argyle’s income verification and automatic paycheck-linked repayment solutions.

Real-time credit decisioning takes place after the loan applicant connects to their employer or payroll platform, which sends their employment information to the lender through Argyle.

Argyle’s direct deposit switching and paycheck-linked lending capabilities then allow the applicant the option to send a portion of their paycheck to their new loan provider.

This guide takes you through the application step by step, so you can learn about Argyle’s solutions and how they can be incorporated into your lending system.

Click here to explore Loan App in your browser, or visit our Github repository to clone and test Loan App in your local development environment.

Before you begin

After opening Loan App, an initial settings screen allows for customizing the application experience.

Enabling “bank verification” will add a step to the application showing how you could invite borrowers to connect their bank accounts for further verification.

Enabling “direct deposit update for paycheck-linked lending” will allow the loan applicant to direct a portion of their paycheck to their new loan provider.

Skip ahead

For each screen, you can go to the next page by clicking next or the equivalent button at the bottom, without needing to fill in all required info.

Connecting to payroll providers

On the employment screen, the employer search bar auto-populates suggestions as the loan applicant types. If they select a known employer, Argyle’s deep-linking capabilities would allow you to directly connect them to their employment or payroll account. This streamlines the process of income verification.

Connecting to an employer requires using the “test credentials” highlighted in yellow at the top of the employer’s log in screen. These are real-time connections running off Argyle’s sandbox API environment.

Requiring further verification

If your loan application has additional verification flows, such as requesting a credit report or bank account verification, these are shown in Loan App as well.

Paycheck-linked repayment

If you enabled “direct deposit update for paycheck-linked lending” in the initial settings screen, loan approval will bring up the pay distribution screen. This screen demonstrates Argyle’s paycheck-linked lending solution. Here the applicant can decide which portion of their paycheck they want to allocate to their new loan.

paycheck linked repayment imagepaycheck linked repayment image


Once a loan applicant’s employment account has been connected and their paycheck allocation has been set, a standard contract example and completion page are shown.

Next steps

Loan App demonstrates Argyle’s popular solutions for verification of income and employment, deposit switching, and paycheck-linked lending. See our Solutions pages to learn more.


Contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for more details on Loan App or getting started with Argyle.