Fleet Owner App

Track driver earnings and activity through Argyle.

fleet owner app cover imagefleet owner app cover image


When drivers connect through Argyle, you get access to actionable information from the largest rideshare, delivery, and gig platforms.

Viewing driver earnings, tracking activity and miles, and monitoring driver tenure can help:

  • Lower your insurance premiums, by enabling you to provide more granular data for each insurance period when adding coverage
  • Optimize your revenue, by helping you prioritize which drivers are most active and are generating the most mileage fees
  • Reduce payment risk, by staying informed at all times of your drivers’ activity levels

Fleet Owner App

Fleet Owner App shows how Argyle’s 160+ data fields can put you in the driver’s seat of managing your fleet:

  • On-ramp drivers through Argyle’s streamlined account connection process
  • Use the dashboard for a clear and adjustable view of each driver’s mileage and driving time
  • Off-ramp by exporting the data you need by time period

Click here to explore Fleet Owner App in your browser, visit our Github repository to clone and test Fleet Owner App in your local development environment, or flip through the owner’s manual guide below to get the keys for test-driving Fleet Owner App.

Owner's manual

The first stage of Fleet Owner App shows the account connection process. This will be what the driver sees after you send them a link to Argyle using Console, or if they are connecting through your website or application after you embed Argyle.

Argyle connection process imageArgyle connection process image

Once the account connections are successful, the fleet owner’s flow becomes accessible. Selecting the “Fleet Owner” flow will display a list of drivers and the accounts they connected through Argyle.

flows and connected drivers screenflows and connected drivers screen

Directly from the page showing Connected drivers, you can access the Settings menu. Here you can see a demonstration of how to filter and export the data Argyle retrieved from the drivers’ connected accounts.

In the demo example, you can adjust the P1 value, or time between ride activities that you would consider the driver to have gone offline, and the date range before exporting data externally.

fleet owner app settings screenfleet owner app settings screen

Returning to the Connected drivers page, selecting Bob Jones takes you to the individual driver dashboard view. This dashboard can be customized to display the data Argyle makes available that is most useful to you.

In the demo example, the driver’s vehicle information and P1 (active time spent not driving), P2 (time spent driving to the pick-up location), and P3 (driving time between pick-up and drop-off) time period breakdowns are shown. Lower in the dashboard are time and distance metrics for the driver.

The entire dashboard can be adjusted to show daily or weekly values over the time period selected from the drop-down bar in the upper-right corner.

fleet owner app dashboardfleet owner app dashboard

Next steps

Click here to explore Fleet Owner App in your browser, clone it from our Github repository, or visit our other Sample Apps to see more of what you can do with user-permissioned gig data available through Argyle.


Contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for more details on Fleet Owner App or getting started with Argyle.