Learn how you can power your banking application using Argyle's data solutions.

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This guide provides a high-level overview of the different features and financial services provided by FinanceNow:

  • Connecting work accounts
  • Tracking income
  • Linked checking and savings accounts
  • Switching direct deposit to FinanceNow cards
  • Providing Earned Wage Access
  • Additional credit products
  • Job recommendations

For a deeper technical dive into this open-source reference application, refer to the FinanceNow GitHub repository.


FinanceNow combines the power of Argyle's user-permissioned payroll connectivity, Unit's powerful banking services, and Stytch's passwordless authentication platform. These components create a cohesive set of financial services, all built around income and employment data to enhance the way people manage their finances.


Argyle powers data connectivity features within the FinanceNow workflow. The Argyle API:

  1. Retrieves KYC information about a potential user to:
  • Pre-fill profile and contact details.
  • Open a personal bank account via Unit.
  1. Retrieves income and employment information to:
  • Provide a user with insights into their income data.
  • Enable underwriting decisions about giving out credit and early pay.
  1. Completes a deposit switch to direct the user’s income to their FinanceNow account.

  2. Sets up paycheck-linked repayment of personal loans.


Unit provides a banking-as-a-service API that streamlines all financial operations within the FinanceNow workflow. Opening bank accounts, setting up pay distributions, adding payout cards, and performing transactions are all powered by Unit's API.


Stytch provides a seamless way to log in to the FinanceNow application. Users receive a login link to their verified email or a one-time code to their verified phone number, allowing them to log in to FinanceNow without entering their credentials.


FinanceNow serves as a demo application that you can build upon to fit your own business goals, design preferences, and feature requirements. Argyle's data connectivity features can power your integration, while you can leverage the financial capabilities of your preferred banking-as-a-service provider to implement your desired solution.

Using the FinanceNow application

Click here to open the FinanceNow application in your browser.


Use this guide alongside the FinanceNow application to understand each feature as you walk through the demo.

FinanceNow utilizes Argyle's sandbox environment to provide real-time income data and direct deposit switching capability. Select the Test credentials button in the application's Login screen to access the test login details. You can also use the sandbox credentials listed in the API reference.

Test credentialsTest credentials

Connecting work accounts

Through FinanceNow, users connect their income data via their employer or payroll provider. FinanceNow gathers KYC details during account connection using Argyle's /profiles and /employments endpoints.

This solution provides users with a streamlined onboarding process by populating each of the fields they need to fill out and opening an account with their employment and income data. Stytch's OTP service allows for a quick and seamless login experience.

From the Home screen, you can dive into the individual features that Argyle data powers. Use the Profile menu in the top right corner to check the personal, contact, and deposit information retrieved via Argyle's API.


Clicking on Delete my data removes the connected account details and restarts the FinanceNow application.

The account connection workflow demonstrates an example integration between Argyle Link and a banking application. Link is a front-end UI element that allows users to grant your application access to their work accounts. In your integration, you can customize buttons and placeholder text in Link to suit your business needs and provide a seamless transition for users moving between your website or application and Argyle.

Tracking income

Tracking incomeTracking income

On the Income screen, FinanceNow provides historical income patterns based on data imported from Argyle's /payouts and /activities endpoints, allowing users to track their income over time and across multiple income sources.

Linked checking and savings accounts

Linked accountsLinked accounts

The Accounts screen uses Unit's Deposit Accounts endpoint, providing users with a single account view of their checking and savings account balances, listing their income and expenses, and displaying the standard transactions available in a banking application. When a user adds a new account, FinanceNow utilizes Argyle's /pay-allocations endpoint.

Switching direct deposit to FinanceNow cards

FinanceNow cardsFinanceNow cards

The Card screen demonstrates a scenario where users are issued physical or virtual FinanceNow debit cards, granting instant access to their funds through Unit's Cards endpoint.

Creating a card and switching their direct deposit does not require reauthentication from your users, as Argyle enables continuous access through user tokens.

Providing Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage AccessEarned Wage Access

The Early pay screen guides users through an example application for low-cost pay advances. Users connect their employment accounts and direct their income to FinanceNow, allowing Earned Wage Access based on live, shift-level earnings data. This solution is powered by Unit's Book payments endpoint, Argyle's /activities endpoint, and pay-allocations monitoring webhooks.


FinanceNow's Earned Wage Access solution uses historical income data to calculate pay advances for users. You can tailor this solution by building upon different data sources and underwriting aspects that fit your business needs, enabling you to present your credit line accordingly.

Additional credit products

Additional credit productsAdditional credit products

The Credit screen demonstrates a typical loan offer and allows your users to apply to your credit products directly. Argyle's continuous data access enables you to underwrite users without requiring them to reauthenticate. This screen displays sample transactions and payment history for a loan, providing a realistic example of a financial service present in a modern banking application.

Job recommendation engine

The Work screen provides an example service where you can recommend job opportunities and other income sources to your users based on their historical and projected income patterns. This screen displays sample open positions where you can prompt your users to upload their resumes and submit their applications directly.


In the FinanceNow demo application, each job recommendation redirects to Appcast's homepage. You can provide a seamless experience by integrating a service provider that suits your business needs and user demographics.

Next steps

FinanceNow brings together features from Argyle, Unit, and Stytch to create a powerful neobanking solution. Each individual feature provides value in its own right, while feeding into the application as a whole to create a positive feedback loop. This drives incremental user engagement and creates an opportunity for monetization.

Click here to open the FinanceNow application to test its capabilities in your browser, or visit the FinanceNow repository to clone and test the application in your local development environment.


For more details, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive or the Support team.

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