Employer Search

Use the power of Argyle to standardize your data and streamline your application process.

With Argyle's Employer Search, you can standardize applicants' employer names with an inline, autocomplete field. This saves your operations team significant time and effort. Instead of chasing down employment and income data, your team can use this time to help customers through the application and approval processes.

Leveraging Employer Search reduces the number of free-form text fields an applicant has to fill out on your application. Your processing team no longer has to infer what a user meant when typing “Amazom”, reducing your compliance risk!

Employer Search’s autocomplete field utilizes Argyle’s database, combined with the Fortune 1000 list and the IRS’s registered payroll service providers, to help users select their employer. This simple user flow removes friction in the process, helping applicants to submit their data quickly and correctly.

Test out the Employer Search sample app and visit the Github repository to begin controlling and customizing the data that matters most to your business.

Using Employer Search

Employer Search is a simple application for the user. To use it, they open the application and type the name of the employer they are searching for. There are then two scenarios that can occur:

  • The user enters a name that matches with an Argyle Link item.
  • The user enters an employer name that is not covered by Argyle.

Depending on which scenario occurs, the user sees a different result.

Match with a Link item

Most searches lead to the user matching with a Link item. Argyle has coverage on these employers and payroll providers, representing 80% of the U.S. workforce. If the user selects any Link item, they are deep linked to the employer login screen in Argyle Link. This expedites the account process and improves connection success rates. You can learn more about deep linking in the Link documentation.

Employer Search demonstrates a simple deep link user flow. You can customize this flow to suit your business needs by, for example, initiating the deep link flow later within the application process.

Employer not covered by Argyle

Employer Search demonstrates a simple backup flow that directs your users to provide additional information. You can customize this flow to suit your business needs by, for example, giving users alternative verification methods.

The application captures and stores the value entered by the user so that it can be used later in the flow if necessary.

Next steps

Employer Search uses the power of Argyle, backed up by the Fortune 1000 list and the IRS’s registered payroll service providers, to give you an easy way to confirm your users’ employers and streamline your application process. This approach is simpler and less error-prone for your users, making it a smoother process for your company as well.

Open the Employer Search application and test its capabilities in your browser. Visit the Employer Search repository to clone and test the application in your local development environment.


For more details, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive or [email protected].